The Affordable, Convenient 1346 ProxKey

While proximity cards fit easily into one’s wallet and also can be placed into a badge holder and secured around one’s neck with a lanyard, it’s nice to have an access option that simply fits on a keychain. The HID 1346 ProxKey fits securely on any keychain and provides an affordable security option for many types of businesses.

Just like most HID proximity cards, the HID 1346 ProxKey is compatible with all types of HID proximity card readers and utilizes passive technology. This means you’ll never have to replace batteries and that your 1346 ProxKey potentially can be used for an infinite number of reads. However, if the ProxKey should break, this device does come with a lifetime warranty.

The HID 1346 ProxKey is an ideal option for a company or entity that wishes to control access, but doesn’t need features such as photo identification, a magnetic stripe or a Smart Chip module. For instance, this might be the ideal option for a fitness center or gym, as many clients don’t carry a purse or wallet into these facilities.

Additionally, these can be handy for any business that wishes to secure access but doesn’t have security staff on hand to check badges or permit entry. Both HID Proximity cards and HID 1346 ProxKeys offer a highly affordable way to secure access to your facility. Once you’ve installed the HID card reader and provided employees with cards or ProxKeys, that’s virtually all you need to do. With 137 billion available codes, you also never have to worry that another business will have the same code as your card readers. Each 1346 ProxKey also comes with its own unique external number, so you will know precisely which employee or client has which ProxKey.

Depending on what type of read range you need, there is an HID 1346 ProxKey to match those needs. For instance, the ProxPoint Plus has a read range of up to 1.5 inches while the MaxiProx has a read range of up to 12 inches and there are options with read ranges of 2 inches, 3 inches and 4 inches, as well.

At Badge Express, we carry the HID 1346 ProxKey as well as several other types of keyfobs. For instance, we offer the HID Indala Flexkey which can be attached to key chains or a badge clip or lanyard. This option is compatible with all Indala card readers and can be customized with your company’s logo. We also offer Identive proximity key fobs and these are universally compatible with most proximity readers and come with a lifetime warranty.

No matter what type of proximity card or keyfob that you might need, we have it here in stock at Badge Express, including the 1346 ProxKey. If you need proximity cards that incorporate photo identification, we also offer a wide range of proximity cards, badge printers, badging systems and all the badge printer supplies you might need.

If you would like to order the HID 1346 ProxKey, give us a call today and we can provide you with pricing information as well as getting your order started. If you aren’t quite certain what proximity options are best for your business, we also can help you select the best access products for your needs.

The HID 1391 MicroProx Tag & Other Helpful Options

Do you having an ID system already in place but wish to add proximity security scanning? Do you want a small, affordable proximity option that easily can affix to just about any surface? If so, the HID 1391 MicroProx tag might be the perfect fit for you.

There are many reasons to consider the HID 1391 tag. These small tags, which feature an adhesive backing, employ passive technology, so you never need to worry about changing batteries. You can attach the HID 1391 tag to any nonmetallic card or device and you instantly have transformed the card into a proximity card.

The HID 1391 MicroProx tag is the size of a coin and is less than 1 centimeter in thickness. In fact, the thickness is only 0.178 cm or 0.070 inches in thickness, so that it’s a barely noticeable addition to an ID card, a badge or any other type of card. The HID 1391 tags can be programmed in any HID proximity format that you might need and, of course, is compatible with all of the proximity readers produced by HID.

If you need another type of tag than the HID 1391, we also have HID iClass tags, HID MIFARE tags and HID DESFire tags. These tags allow you to transform any ID badge into a contactless smart card credential. Just like the HID 1391, these tags can affix to any nonmetallic surface, including a cell phone, a plastic ID badge, a wallet or whatever you might need. The HID 1391, however, is the perfect, affordable option for companies that need access control but not necessarily embedded smart card technology.

If you are ordering the HID 1391 tags or any other type of tag, key fob or prox card you also will need to consider which type of HID reader that you should purchase. Typically, you will need to consider the read range when making this decision. For instance, some HID readers have a relatively short read range of just 2 inches while others have a range of up to 15 inches. As one example, the latter is ideal for those who need a card or tag reader for entrance in a parking lot.

Of course we have any HID reader you might need as well as the HID 1391 tags and much more in stock at Badge Express. Whether you need a tag, key fob or any type of proximity card or access card, we have it all and at great prices. We also have badge printers, badge accessories and supplies for your badging printer. Our goal is to serve as a one-stop-shop for all your badging and ID card needs, as well as providing the best possible customer service.

The Fargo DTC4250e Badging Systems: Which One Do You Need?

Fargo has long been known as a manufacturer of high-quality badging systems. At Badge Express, we carry several different types of Fargo badging systems, including the Fargo DTC4250e badging systems. There are actually two different models of badging systems within the Fargo DTC4250e series, and here is a bit of information about each system.

Badging systems are a bit different than a badge printer in that the Fargo DTC4250e badging systems include a high-quality USB digital web camera, Asure ID Express Id card design and production software and some basic printing supplies to get you started. The printing supplies include 300 UltraCard PVC cards and a full-color ribbon so you can begin printing ID cards immediately.

If you need an easy way to quickly design, print and encode secure, single-sided ID cards, then the 52600 Fargo DTC4250e might be a good fit for your needs. This is the most affordable of the Fargo DTC4250e models and this badging system is able to handle monochrome, rewritable card printing on HID rewritable card stock. This system includes your printer/encoder as well as software, a USB digital web camera and the aforementioned printing supplies.

For those who need a double-sided badging system, the 52602 Fargo DTC4250e might be a good choice. As with the 52600 model, this system also includes the software you will need as well as the digital web camera and, of course, the printer/encoder and basic printing supplies. Opting for a badging system can be an excellent idea for a company that is just getting started with badge printing as so much is included in the system packages.

Both of these models can be field upgraded to include magnetic stripe encoding as well as proximity encoding and smart card encoding. The single-sided printer also can be upgraded for dual-sided printing. These helpful upgrades make it easy and affordable to alter your badging process if needed. These Fargo DTC4250e badging systems also include a three-year printer warranty and two years of free Asure ID software tech support. For customers in the United States, the Fargo DTC4250e also includes a free loaner printer if necessary during the first year after purchase.

In addition to the Fargo DTC4250e badging systems, we also have several other Fargo badging systems to consider. Our selection includes Fargo C50 badging systems, Fargo DTC1250e badging systems and the DTC4500e series of Fargo badging systems. The type of badging system you select depends upon many factors, including the amount of ID cards you will be printing on a daily basis.

For instance, the Fargo DTC4250e series of badging printers is ideal for small and mid-size companies, schools, government agencies and health care facilities. However, if you are a larger entity and need very high volume printing, the DTC4500e badging system might be a better option. These Fargo badging systems are ideal for those who print many cards each day and these cards can include everything from loyalty cards to access cards with different types of embedded electronics.

If you are not quite sure which badging system is the right fit for your company, educational institution, retail business or agency, feel free to contact the Badge Express team at any time. We will take into consideration all of your badging needs and provide you with the best possible options. These factors include budget, printing volume and whether or not you need dual-side printing, magnetic stripe encoding and so on. No matter what your needs might be, we are sure to have a badging system that is perfect for your company.

In addition to offering Fargo DTC4250e badge printers and other Fargo badging printers, we also carry all of the supplies you might need for your badge printer. We also stock many different types of badge accessories, including lanyards, badge holders, badge reels and much more.

Cool Accessories For Your HID Badge

If your company assigns an HID badge to each of its employees and perhaps guests and clients entering the facility, you might appreciate the convenience of some of our helpful HID badge accessories. Not only are these accessories perfect for everyday use, these are ideal products to take to conventions and trade shows.

One item that any company that uses an HID badge will need is a badge holder. We have many different types of badge holders available at Badge Express. We have basic vinyl badge holders with are ideal for an HID badge such as a basic proximity card. We have both vertical and horizontal badge holders as well as clip-on-vinyl badge holders.

Our colored badge holders also can make it extremely easy to identify people from different groups. While everyone might have the same HID badge, having a colored badge holder makes it easy to identify people. For instance, your sales team might all use red badge holders, while your management team might wear blue. Guests might be given green badge holders and so on.

Among our specialty products, we offer magnetic badge holders as well as anti-static badge holders if this is something you need. Our arm band badge holders are another popular item and we have several different types of arm band badge holders. These are handy for employees that might be tasked with moving large objects, boxes and supplies as a hanging badge can be a bit cumbersome. That is just one example of how our arm band holders can be utilized.

In addition, we have some a few other unique badge holders to consider for your HID badge. For instance, we have earth-friendly HID badge holders that contain no PVC, BPA or other harmful chemicals. We also have heavy duty multi-pocket credential wallets and even a silicon cell phone wallet that attaches securely to a mobile phone using a 3M adhesive back. These wallets can hold an HID badge as well as two other cards, such as your driver’s license and perhaps a hotel key card or a credit card.

There are many different ways to help employees, clients and other important people display their HID badge. We’ve already discussed our handy arm band badge holders, but we also have several different types of lanyards and badge reels. Many of our lanyards and badge reels can be customized to feature your company name or logo and we offer these products in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Our Badge Buddies are another helpful product that can make security and access control much easier. These slide into badge holders along with your HID badge or identification card and instantly make your job clear to anyone tasked with security or access control. For instance, we have Badge Buddies ideal for hospital use. These display, in large letters, whether a person is an RN, an LPN, a doctor, medic or another job. These accessories can be customized to display whatever information you might need.

If you also need to purchase an HID badge, we have those as well. Our selection of HID badges includes access cards and proximity cards with a variety of features. If you need a basic HID badge, we have the HID 1326 ProxCard II. This clamshell HID badge is the perfect budget-friendly option for companies that don’t need photo ID or mag stripes on their badges or prox cards. These cards are passive, so there’s no battery to replace, and each card can be used for an infinite amount of reads. These cards even come with a lifetime warranty.

We also have HID badge options for those that need ISO-compatible prox cards, companies that need a magnetic stripe or those that want cards with a smart chip module. Of course, we also have an HID badge choice for companies that need all three of these components. The HID 1598 Smart DuoProxII cards include an ABA-standard magnetic strip and this card can be used with the HID smart chip module. Additionally, this card easily can be customized as a photo identification badge.

No matter what type of HID badge or badge accessory you might need, we have it all here at Badge Express. If you don’t see exactly what you need or aren’t sure what products will best suit your needs and budget, feel free to give us a call and we can recommend security and access products that meet all of your specifications.

Everything You Need To Know About The HID 1326 ProxCard

Recently we published a blog article about the HID 1386 prox card, which is a popular choice for many companies. The HID 1326 ProxCard II is yet another commonly used type of prox card that we sell here at Badge Express.

One of the main reasons why people select the HID 1386 prox card is its high affordability. Not only does the HID 1386 feature a low price, its high durability and passive technology make it an exceptional value among proximity cards. If you are wondering about passive technology, this simply means that the HID 1386 does not require a battery. This card can be read an infinite number of times without ever needing to be replaced. In fact, HID is so certain of the card’s durability, each card includes a lifetime warranty.

The HID 1326 is compatible with all models of HID proximity readers, and this proximity card also supports formats up to 85 bits. This secure card also offers more than 137 billion unique codes.

The most common configurations of the HID 1326 are LMSMV, LSSMV and LGSMV. Each of these letters stands for an element of the configuration. For instance, if you had a configuration of LMSMV, the L would mean that it was programmed with low frequency. The first M stands for the plain, matte finish of the card. The S is in regards to the base of the card which features the HID logo. The second M explains that the card features sequential matching internal and external card numbering, and the V simply express that the card includes a vertical slot punch for use in a badge holder or on a lanyard.

When discussing the HID 1326 it is important to note that this number refers only to the base part number. There are actually a few different options to consider in terms of maximum read range. For instance, the ProxPoint Plus has a read range of up to 3 inches while the MaxiProx has a read range of up to 24 inches. Many companies don’t need more of a read range than a few inches, while others might need one or two feet, such as for vehicle access.

In addition to selling the various types of HID 1326 prox cards, we also carry an abundance of supplies that you might need to go along with your HID 1326 cards. For instance, we have many different types of badge holders, including eco-friendly badge holders, anti-static badge holders, zip-closure badge holders and even arm-band badge holders just to name a few.

If you also need a lanyard for your HID 1326 proximity cards, we have many types of lanyards as well. Some of our lanyards feature identification printing such as “staff,” “visitor,” or perhaps “contractor,” to make it easy to quickly identify who is in your building. Several lanyard varieties can be customized to feature your logo, which can be a great option for trade shows or conventions.

If you would like to purchase HID 1326 proximity cards or perhaps another type of HID prox card, contact us today at Badge Express. We have a huge variety of prox cards and access cards to suit many levels of security. We are sure to have a card that fits your needs as well as your budget.

The HID Proximity Card: A Few Options To Consider

At Badge Express, we sell virtually every type of access card, prox card and badge that you might need as well as badging systems and badge printers. The HID proximity card is one of the most popular items that well, and there actually are quite a few options to consider when shopping for HID prox cards.

For instance, consider the popular HID 1326 ProxCard II. This clamshell card is one of our most affordable HID proximity card options. Not only is it compatible with all HID proximity card readers, this HID prox card comes with a lifetime warranty. Of course, it features passive technology so there are never batteries to replace and this allows it to be used an infinite number of times.

If you need a bit more than a basic HID proximity card, you might consider the HID 1336 DuoProx II card. This type of HID prox card combines the function of a proximity card along with a magnetic stripe and the ability to create photo identification. This ISO-compliant HID prox card can be the perfect option for companies that require multiple levels of security.

If you don’t need a magnetic stripe, but you do need an HID proximity card that can be used for photo identification, the HID 1386 ISOProx II might be a solid choice. This card features a graphics-quality surface which makes it ideal for high-resolution photo id printing. While this HID proximity card, like all other HID prox cards, fits easily in one’s wallet, the cards also are marked for either a vertical slot or a horizontal slot to fit easily in a badge holder or on a lanyard. This sturdy HID prox card also features a lifetime warranty.

For companies that need proximity control as well as smart chip technology, there are several options to consider. The HID 1597 Smart ISOProx II, for instance, includes the smart chip module which can be used to provide security for many different applications, including network access, parking access, information storage, as well as for data and debit applications. This HID proximity card also features a graphics-quality surface which can be used with any compatible direct image printer.

Taking the smart chip module technology a step further, you might also consider the Smart DuoProx II prox card. This card, like the aforementioned DuoProx model features an ABA-standard magnetic strip and can be used as photo identification and a proximity card. In addition, this HID proximity card features the smart chip module to provide security for your network access.

Of course, not every HID prox card is a card. We also sell the HID 1391 MircoProx Tag and the HID 1346 ProxKey III. Proximity tags and proximity key fobs are excellent and handy options for companies that need to secure access to their facility. For instance, a key fob would be ideal at a fitness center or perhaps the laundry facility of a large apartment community. The proximity tag features an adhesive back which makes it easy to attach this tag to a badge or any other type of device.

In addition, you might also have use for the HID 1352 ProxPass II. This HID proximity card is ideal for companies that need vehicle access control. This HID prox card features a Velcro backing so that it can be attached directly to a vehicle windshield. Unlike HID prox cards that utilize a passive technology, this card does feature a battery that typically lasts more than two years.

These are just a few of our HID proximity card options, and if you are not quite certain which type of HID prox card might be the best fit for your company, give us a call. We can come up with a secure, affordable option and provide you with all of the supplies that you might need.

Interesting Facts About The Prox Card

Whether you call it a proximity card or a prox card, these handy credit-card size devices help increase security all over the world. Our clients include a wide range of businesses as well as educational institutions and government agencies. While millions of Americans use a prox card every day, they probably don’t know very much about these cards.

A proximity card is a type of security device that does not require contact in order to work. You need only be a few inches away from the prox card reader in order to gain access. Sometimes a prox card will simply be called an access card. If you look at the Badge Express website, we have dozens of different types of prox cards listed under the heading of “Access Cards.”

In general, the type of prox card that we most commonly sell is known as a passive prox card. Rather than needing a battery, the passive prox card gains power from a radio frequency that is located in the card reader. If you were to look inside a passive prox card, you would see just two items. There would be only an antenna coil and a small circuit.

While the prox card does not need to come into contact with the card reader in order to work, some prox cards work at greater distances than others. For instance, you might purchase a prox card with a typical maximum read range of three inches or perhaps 5 inches or perhaps even up to two feet. It all depends on your company’s specific situation and needs.

Of course a prox card doesn’t actually have to be a prox card; there are also proximity disks and proximity key fobs. The proximity disks or tags are about the size of a coin, and most have an adhesive back so they can be affixed to a badge or an existing ID card. The key fobs can be used on a key ring or suspended on a lanyard worn around the neck.

Many models of prox card can have badges printed on them using a compatible badge printer. Before ordering prox cards and a badge printer, it is important to ensure that all of the items are compatible with each other. For instance, some cards cannot withstand the heat or pressure generated by some badge printers.

Your prox card can come with external card numbering, which makes it easy to assign specific cards to specific individuals and keep track of who has a card. In addition, many badge printers can print extra security devices onto the cards themselves, such as adding a hologram or perhaps using fluorescent printing.

When searching for a prox card, there are so many options that sometimes it’s best to simply contact our support team and describe your security needs. We can come up with a solution that suits your needs as well as your budget. In addition, we have all the products you will need to get started from prox cards to badge printers and a myriad of accessories.

Our clients include a variety of small to large businesses, as well as schools, colleges, hospitals and government offices. We are sure to be able to match you with the ideal prox card for your situation.

Fargo Badge Printers: Selecting A Printing Solution

At Badge Express, we carry a wide variety of badge printers including those from Datacard, Evolis, Magicard, Nisca, Zebra and Fargo. If you are searching for a Fargo badge printer, it’s likely that we have in stock just what you need.

We carry more than two dozen different models of Fargo badge printers spread among six different categories. This includes C50 printers, DTC1250e printers, DTC4250e printers, DTC4500e printers, HDP5000 printers and HDP8500 printers. Here is a little bit of information about each of these categories of Fargo badge printers.

The C50 Fargo Badge Printer

If you are searching for affordability and ease of use, you can’t go wrong with the C50 Fargo badge printers. This printer includes everything you need to get set up and start printing quickly. The C50 is a single-sided printer that can produce everything from a visitor badge for a school to personalized ID cards to show membership to a club or gym. You also can create loyalty cards with this Fargo badge printer. These Fargo badge printers accept both CR-80 and CR-79 adhesive-back cards.

DTC1250e Series Fargo Badge Printers

We have eight different models of DTC1250e series Fargo badge printers to suit any budget. These direct-to-card Fargo badge printers can print single-sided cards and dual-sided cards. This particular series of models was designed with the small-to-medium business in mind. The models are affordable and easy-to-use with very little maintenance required.

All of these Fargo badge printers are equipped with USB connectivity, but you also can opt for Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity. You also can upgrade the DTC1250e Fargo badge printers to include the iClass SE encoder, and this allows you to create, encode and manage secure credentials. In addition, all of your secure data is sent to the printer using AES-256 decryption.

DTC4250e Series Fargo Badge Printers

This is yet another series of high-quality, direct-to-card printers from Fargo. This set of Fargo badge printers is meant for medium-sized businesses as well as government offices and schools. Basically, it is for anyone who tends to print a large number of badges and needs a printer that can encode as well as print. You can upgrade the system for use with contact and non-contact smart cards, such as MIFARE cards or iClass SE cards. These printers made it easy to go from printing smart cards to going back and printing a basic prox card or even a card with a magnetic stripe.

DTC4500e Fargo Badge Printers

If your organization needs a high-volume badge printer, the DTC4500e series Fargo badge printer might be an ideal choice. These are designed to handle the rigors of daily, high-volume printing. They include high-capacity ribbon supplies so you don’t constantly need to stop and refill the ribbons. These Fargo badge printers also can manage multiple card types, so you can quickly adjust the settings and print the type of card you need every time.

HDP5000 Fargo Badge Printers

The versatile HDP5000 series of Fargo badge printers is a useful device for many different types of businesses. For instance, colleges might use these HDP5000 Fargo badge printers to create secure, encoded photo ID cards. These Fargo badge printers also can be used to print corporate IDs as well as government-issued IDs. You can select HDP5000 models that offer dual-sided printing, double-sided or single-sided laminating, smart card encoding and magnetic stripe encoding. Most of these printers can be customized, so if your needs change, you can upgrade your badge printer to address those needs.

HDP8500 Fargo Badge Printers

For some businesses and government entities, printing high volume of ID cards is just part of the daily grind. For these types of situations, you definitely need to invest in an industrial card printer and encoder. The HDP8500 printer/encoder is a perfect option for high-volume, industrial card printing. This amazing piece of machinery has a print speed of up to 1,200 cards per shift or 24 cards per second, depending on your specifications.

The options for these HDP8500 Fargo badge printers include a card lamination module for simultaneous dual-sided lamination. Magnetic stripe encoding and adding custom secure holographic HDP films are other options available, as well as smart card encoding.

If you aren’t sure which of these Fargo badge printers is the best fit for your operation, give us a call or send us a quick email. Provide us with some information regarding your specifications and budget, and we will work to find you the perfect security solution. At Badge Express, we carry every product you could possibly need from blank prox cards to badge printers to printer ribbons and much more.

Helpful Information About the HID 1386 ISOProx II Card

When it comes to proximity cards, there are so many different options that it can be overwhelming to decide which card is the best one for your unique needs. Here are a few facts about the versatile HID 1386 ISOProx II Card.

Obviously, if you are in the market for any type of proximity card, then security is important to you. The HID 1386 prox card is an excellent choice for a company that needs to combine access control with photo identification. The HID 1386 also can be produced with various features such as ultra-fluorescent inks, holograms, micro-printing or your company’s custom logo. These additional options can increase security and prevent counterfeiting.

Not all proximity cards are ideal for printing, but the HID 1386 features a surface that is optimized for high-resolution printing. It will be important, however, to select the ideal type of printer for the HID 1386. For instance, this type of prox card is not suitable for re-transfer printers due to the higher application temperatures. We have several printer options that are a good fit for this model of prox card.

Of course, the HID 1386 is universally compatible with all types of HID proximity readers. Each card has its own external number, which makes it easy to keep track of who has which card. The HID 1386 will support formats up to 85 bits, and there are more 137 billion codes, so you never have to worry that another company will have the same codes as your firm.

When searching for a proximity card, durability is an important consideration. The materials used to create the HID 1386 as well as other HID prox cards is highly resistant to cracking and, because it contains no batteries, each HID 1386 prox card potentially could be read an infinite amount of times without needing a replacement. This durability and long life make it an economical choice.

As with all of HID’s high quality prox cards, the HID 1386 is slim and credit-card-size, so it fits easily either in a wallet or in a badge holder. We carry a wide variety of badge holders here at Badge Express as well as many different styles of lanyards, some of which can be customized to showcase your logo or message. We even have eco-friendly and anti-static options, depending on what you might need.

There are actually several different types of HID 1386 ISOProx II cards. These include the ProxPoint Plus, the MiniProx, the ThinLine II, the ProxPro, ProxPro II and the MaxiProx. Each features the same dimensions, construction materials, weight and operating temperature. All of these models also come with a lifetime warranty.

However, each type of these HID 1386 cards features a different maximum read range. For instance, if distance is not a huge issue, the Prox Point offers a typical maximum read range of up to 2.5 inches. The MiniProx, ThinLine II and Prox80 cards have a read range of 5 inches, while the ProxPro reaches up to 7 inches and the ProxPro II reaches up to 8 inches.

For a situation such as a parking lot, where employees are in their cars when using the HID 1386 to gain access to the lot, it might be wise to consider the MaxiProx, which features a range of up to 20 inches.